How to Nurture a Child’s Mental Health?

Child Mental Health

How to Nurture a Child’s Mental Health?

Being a parent is both the most difficult and rewarding job in the world. Parenting can be especially difficult for children who have mental health issues. Here are a few tips the can help your child in managing their mental health.

Child' Mental Health
  • Encourage Your Child to Openly Express their feelings and thoughts. 

    Listen to them carefully and there is a need to understand them. Never overreact on their thoughts and encourage them to speak openly. Don’t blame them anyways and never try to shut down the conversation. Sometimes, initiate communication with the child to share their feelings. 

    • When Your Child feels worried, help them to handle the situation.
    Child Worried

    Spending quality time will help them when your child is worrying. Ask for their feelings. Listen carefully. Helping them to handle the things. 

    • Encourage them to socialize and build up positive relationships.

    Teach them to respect others and don’t overreact on things which are not going their way.  Children always learn from their parents how they usually treat others. So create that culture around yourself. Build trust and develop mutual respect with others for what the children learn from their parents. Appreciating others and listening to others, be kind, be positive and be mindful. 

    • Encourage them to take proper care of their physical health 

    Taking proper care of their physical health will lead to a good mental state in children. Proper sleep patterns, healthy food Intakes and regular exercises will lead to good mental health. Being active will help your child to stay healthy and have more energy throughout the time. He will feel confident, able to manage stress levels and have a good sleep at the end of the day. 

    • Help them to stay focused on the present moment using mindfulness.

    It is advisable to stay focused on the present moment for a good mental health state. It is similar in case of children. They should focus on one task at a time. Be grateful and thankful for what they have now at the present moment. Acceptance of everything you have as they are. 

    • Demonstrate the importance of looking after both physical and mental health.

    Never ignore mental or physical health. Good mental health plays an important role in healthy child development. Let them know to take care of their physical and mental health. 

    • Be a mental health role model. Demonstrate positive behaviors.

    Being a mental health role model in front of your kids. Develop positive behaviors so that children follow those habits and apply them as well. 

    • Praise and encourage your child to develop their self-esteem.  

    Nowadays, there is an excessive need to boost confidence in your child. Praising them, encouraging them for small achievements, motivating them to achieve good enough and regular support the child will build up self esteem in your child. It develops children to have good mental health. 

    • Together, practise some coping mechanisms including deep breathing, self-control exercises, and muscle relaxation.
    Cute girl at the riverbank

    Deep Breathing and self regulation will help the child to get a relief from stress. Listening to music, slow breathing exercises are good coping skills for your child. 

    • As your child grows up, encourage and support autonomy. 

    Learning daily tasks and performing them independently according to the age group is recognized as autonomy. Encourage and support the independent skills they are adopting with growth. 

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